Three Shanghai Shipyard dogs

Although, you and I can’t take home every stray dog (or cat) we would like too, there are ways we can make the world better for them in general:

First of all, don’t shop, but adopt! In many countries the shelters are full of dogs, cats and other ‘pets’ that are in need and deserving of your consideration.

It is indecent to bring more dogs and cats into existence, while the world’s shelters are full and millions are killed every year. So the (commercial) breeding has to stop.

Support rescues that take these dogs and cats from the streets and from shelters to find fosters and forever homes for them, and support no-kill shelters.

Support trap–spay & neuter-release programs for stray dogs and cats so their numbers can decline.

Remember that ending the life of a healthy, sentient being with a life ahead of him or her, is not euthanasia, it is murder! Culling is never an option! … More Three Shanghai Shipyard dogs