Loro Parque Opens a New Fish-Prison on Gran Canaria


The Loro Parque consortium, the enslavers of Morgan, five other orcas, nine bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, chimps, gorillas, lions, tigers, penguins, parrots and many other animal-prisoners on the Canary Island of Tenerife, built an aquarium in the port area of Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria. The Kiessling family that owns, besides Loro Parque – in their words ‘El “must” de Canarias’ – also the Siam (water) Park, 5-star hotel Botánico and Steakhouse Brunelli’s, invested more than 30 million Euro in the new tourist trap, indicating that animal exploitation is profitable.


More than 300 fresh- and saltwater fish species are scheduled to be condemned to a life in glass or acryl tanks.

Besides fish, crocodiles, lemurs and turtles are expected to be the other ‘attractions’ of the aquarium. Marine mammals do not seem to be included in the plans yet.

The new aquarium was inaugurated – unfinished – on December 17, and opened its doors to the first ignorant visitors of the expected 500.000 a year, last week.









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