The Incestuous Origins of the White Tigers

The white tiger is a caged ‘product’ of man’s manipulation and greed. The only reason white tigers are being bred, is because people will pay to see white tigers in zoos and circuses. This results in more white tigers with potential health problems and an excess of unwanted, orange and black tigers born within these litters. These normal-colored tigers are, however, still inbred and crossbred, and thus, from a conservation perspective, valueless. If not destroyed at birth as ‘throw-away’ tigers they might end up in the pet trade, being drugged for photo ops, living miserable lives in roadside zoos, persecuted in canned hunts or sold and killed for parts to the Asian ‘traditional medicine’ industry. … More The Incestuous Origins of the White Tigers

Why Create Wolfdogs?

Wolves are wild animals. They have evolved to roam and hunt for their food in packs, to dig dens and defend a territory. They are intelligent, curious, enterprising predators that do not belong in a house, in a cage or on a leash as a piece of property.

Thus breeding for wolfdogs creates not only a large population of unwanted animals destined to be killed, but also condemns ‘wild genes’ to a frustrating life of captivity.
For both reasons wolfdog breeding should be considered unethical. … More Why Create Wolfdogs?